Comprehensive Cardiac Care (CCC)


Comprehensive Cardiac Check-up (CCC) covers extensive cardiovascular (heart) tests. Undergoing CCC regularly helps to know your risks and have full control over the status of your heart.

CCC health package is a must for those who have high blood pressure or high cholesterol every year. This health package is also very important to those who enjoy eating delicious food and drinks.

Health Check-up Plan Details

•      Routine Blood test which includes Complete Blood Count (CBC), hemoglobin, erythrocytes sedimentation rate (ESR)

•        Sodium

•        Potassium

•        Routine Urine test

•        Blood sugar (Fasting)

•        Blood sugar (PP)

•        Lipid (cholesterol) profile

•        Urea

•        Uric acid

•        Creatinine

•        Electrocardiogram – ECG

•        Echocardiography – ECHO

•        Stress (exercise) ECG – TMT

•        Chest X-ray

•        Cardiologist’s consultation


These tests are performed 7 am onwards every day, including on holidays. You should not have taken any food for at least 8 hours prior to taking these tests.

The tests may take the whole day and the reports will be ready the next day.

Please click the link to download the forms below:


Comprehensive Cardiac Checkup (CCC)