Hariyo Chura Package (For Shrawan)

July 14, 2020

For the month of Shrawan, Dr. Iwamura Memorial Hospital devotes to the dedication of Ladies towards Lord Shiva, and their love to the family. For the whole month of shrawan, they do fasting, wear yellow and green attire as a symbol of devotion on how far they can go for the betterment of their family members.

So, Dr. Iwamura Memorial Hospital has come up with a package called “HARIYO CHURA PACKAGE” in which ladies can get 50% discount on the Specialist Gynecologist Doctor Consultation and 50% discount on Ultrasound (USG). Plus 10% discount on other services.

Additional Benefit:

  1. Search for “Dr. Iwamura M. Hospital” on Viber Comminity.
  2. Join the viber community
  3. Look for the post of “ Hariyo Chura Package”
  4. Screenshot it, and send it to 9861937345 (viber)
  5. Get 100% discount on Specialist Gynecology Doctor Consultation

We will verify your message and set up an appointment for you.

For more information.

Please contact: 9861937345 (jiwan)

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डा. इवामुरा अस्पतालको “हरियो चुरा प्याकेज”, यस्ता छन् सेवा सुविधा