Happy Father’s Day – 10% Discount on Health Packages

August 18, 2020

आफ्ना इछ्या हरुलाई मारेर, बच्चाको खुशी कसरी िकन्न सिकन्छ , त्यो सिकेको छु मैले तपाईं बाट ।

बाबा, ितमी महान छौ ।

It takes someone very special to be a Father to his child. We learn so many things from our Father right after we open our eyes into this world. Fathers understand everything even if we do not say a word. He is the inspiration to his children.

Words are not enough to express the unconditional love between Father and a Child. This Father’s Day lets work for the healthy life of our Fathers. Dr. Iwamura Memorial Hospital has assigned the icon Mustache as the icon of the month in order to focus more on Father’s Health.



Full Body Health Packages Available at Dr. Iwamura Memorial Hospital

  1. CCC (Comprehensive Cardiac Checkup)                         Rs: 5300
  2. CCC-TMT (Comprehensive Cardiac Checkup – TMT) Rs: 4000
  3. EHP (Executive Health Plan)                                             Rs: 6500
  4. EHP-TMT (Executive Health Plan – TMT)                     Rs: 5000
  5. PSP (Prostate Screening Package)-                                   Rs: 4700


In this packages, for the month of Bhadra, Dr. Iwamura Memorial Hospital will be providing additional 10% discount for Fathers. To get this offer, you will have to set up an appointment at the hospital’s website:


On the departments, select “Full Body Health Package” and input other information.

Then someone will call you to assist.


or call 9861937345 for further details