Women’s Health Plan (WHP)


Women’s Health Plan (WHP)covers a complete check up for women. In terms of health issues women and men are not just the same. Commonly men and women shares a lot similar diseases, but women’s have their critical health problems.

For example

1- Women have more chances to die during a usual heart attack than men.

2- The effects of physically infectious diseases can be more seriously occur in women.

3- Arthritis, muscular pain and swelling mostly affects women more than men.

4- Only Women are likely to have urinary and menstruation related problems.

5- Other disorders and conditions that affect only women including ovarian and cervical cancers are also a big health issues.

So we have introduced Women’s Health Plan (WHP)

Health Check-up Plan Details


•      Routine Blood test includes Complete blood count (CBC), differential count, hemoglobin, erythrocytes sedimentation rate (ESR)

•      Routine Urine test

•      Blood sugar (Random)

•      ABO Grouping

•      VDRL

•      HBsAG

•      Creatinine

•      Serum TSH

•      LPC PAP Cytology Test (PAP Smear)

•      Electrocardiogram – ECG

•      USG

•      Chest X-ray

•      Gynecologist’s consultation



These tests are performed 7 am onwards every day, including on holidays. You should not have taken any food for at least 8 hours prior to taking these tests.

The tests may take the whole day and the reports will be ready the next day.