One Plus One- Full Body Health Package

Get One Full Body checkup Package- Get One FREE

एक प्याकेज लिदा- अर्को FREE!
In this month of loved ones, Lets Celebrate Togetherness
Know about the health of your’s and your loved ones.
Dr. Iwamura Memorial Hospital have come-up with a speciality Full Body health package for you and your loved ones.
Investigations: CBC, Blood Sugar, TSH (Thyroid), Creatinine, SgOT, SgPT, Uric Acid, Lipid Profile, Urine Routine, HbSAg (Spot), Chest X-Ray, USG, ECG, ECHO, Eye Checkup, Dental Checkup, Speciality Doctor Consultation.
At the time of using this service, a minimum of two package should be used.
The rate for this package for Two is : Rs. 7900/-
This package will be valid till Falgun 16, 2077 (February 28,2020)
For booking and more information, please call:
Jiwan : 9861937345, 9861034846
Valid for limited time only.