Women’s Health Plan (WHP)

Women’s Health Plan (WHP)covers a complete check up for women. In terms of health issues women and men are not just the same. Commonly men and women shares a lot similar diseases, but women’s have their critical health problems.

For example

1- Women have more chances to die during a usual heart attack than men.

2- The effects of physically infectious diseases can be more seriously occur in women.

3- Arthritis, muscular pain and swelling mostly affects women more than men.

4- Only Women are likely to have urinary and menstruation related problems.

5- Other disorders and conditions that affect only women including ovarian and cervical cancers are also a big health issues.

So we have introduced Women’s Health Plan (WHP)

Health Check-up Plan Details


•      Routine Blood test includes Complete blood count (CBC), differential count, hemoglobin, erythrocytes sedimentation rate (ESR)

•      Routine Urine test

•      Blood sugar (Random)

•      ABO Grouping

•      VDRL

•      HBsAG

•      Creatinine

•      Serum TSH

•      LPC PAP Cytology Test (PAP Smear)

•      Electrocardiogram - ECG

•      USG

•      Chest X-ray

•      Gynecologist’s consultation



These tests are performed 7 am onwards every day, including on holidays. You should not have taken any food for at least 8 hours prior to taking these tests.

The tests may take the whole day and the reports will be ready the next day.



Please click the link to download the forms below



Women’s Health Plan